Where to Ship?

Due to signings happening throughout North America, our customers occasionally have to ship to different locations for their signings. Below are the addresses customers would need to send to for each signing.

PLEASE NOTE: For signings at the Canadian address, if you live in Canada or the US, the return envelope will be returned from your country, meaning if you are American, use American postage on the return envelope. If you are Canadian, use Canadian postage.

Ryon Healy

Travis G

Attn "player name"

136 Root Road,

Coventry, CT



Lars Anderson

Tristan L

Attn "player name"

15158 El Soneto Dr., 

Whittier, CA



Ross Stripling

Jovan P

Attn "player name"

142 Foxridge Dr., 

Ancaster, ON

L9G 5B9