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How to join our private signings!

In three easy steps

Step One

- Go to our shop, and select each item you would like signed. Add them to your cart, and purchase them.

Note: You are purchasing the autograph, not the item. You are responsible to send in your own item, and provide a self addressed envelope/bubble mailer/box with postage prepaid. 

Step Two

- Once you receive email confirmation that your order was received, prepare your item. Write your name/order number on a sticky note (recommended), or a piece of tape (ie. painters tape), and stick it directly to the back of the item. If you would like certain autograph placement and/or an inscription, add a sticky note to the front of the item with instructions for the player. 

Step Three

- Mail your item and a self addressed envelope with prepaid postage to us using the locations listed in the "where to ship" tab. Then just sit back, and wait for your item to be returned after the signing! We'll take it from here!

Additional Notes

- Please be aware that all prices are listed in USD

- Please make sure to send each item to the right address. Addresses can be found on the "where to ship" tab under "private signings - info". If sent to the wrong location, we will contact you for further instruction. 

- If you forget your SASE (self addressed stamped envelope), you will be contacted by us, as you will need to pay for return postage. 

- RETURN POSTAGE FROM CANADA: USPS stamps will not work returning from Canada. PSM is willing to provide Canadian postage for envelopes, but you must include the item "Canadian Postage" in your order (found under "other items" tab).

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